Bomarti is a washed rind cheese with a smooth ivory body laced with small holes. It is light orange in color and has a slightly tangy, sweet brine. Bomarti is inspired by the German cheese, Tilsit, first believed to be made in East Prussia and is related to the Danish Havarti cheese.

Spiced Shepherd

Spiced Shepherd

Spiced Shepherd is made in homage to traditional feta cheese. For a more pronounced Mediterranean flavour, it is packaged with Mediterranean Herbs, red pepper, garlic, sunflower and olive oil. Spiced Shepherd is excellent on a spinach pizza, on your barbecued steak or in your Greek salad.

Hemp Cheese

Hemp Cheese

HEMP “Up in Smoke” is loaded with hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are not only filled with nutritional goodness, but their nutty flavour is a perfect companion to this alpine cheese. Hemp seeds contain Vitamins, Omegas, protein and amino acids.

Four Season - Spring

Four Season Spring

Four Season Spring is an alpine cheese. Parsley, chives and dill have been added to compliment the classic mountain cheese profile with the herbaceous impression of spring, new beginnings, and fresh green pastures.

Four Season - Summer

Four Season – Summer

During the course of a Vancouver Island summer the cows have an enhanced pasture based diet that boosts natural levels of beta carotene. Four Season Summer has a straw-coloured body and a flavour focused purely on the natural aging process, free of herb and spice.

Four Season - Autumn

Four Season – Autumn

This classic cheese encompasses the hallmarks of autumn on Vancouver Island with its deep natural color. Each cheese is gently spiced with red pepper.

Four Season - Winter

Four Season – Winter

Gather around the wood stove with friends and share this delectable, cozy alpine cheese. This cheese is made with sweet roasted garlic and a hint of rosemary.

Topfen (Quark)

Topfen is a refreshing, light, creamy cheese. Topfen was created as early as 2500 BC, but today it is a very popular Austrian/German spreadable cheese, often accompanied by herbs, jam, or fresh fruit. Refreshing on the tongue and light on your waist!

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