Takeout Menu

Please call 250-586-2663 to place your order and schedule a pickup from 12 to 4, Tuesday to Saturday.


Schnitzel Platter – $18.25

A breaded pork schnitzel with veggies and homemade spaetzle, a German egg noodle.

Hunter Schnitzel – $18.95

A breaded pork schnitzel with homemade cream of mushroom sauce and spaetzle.

Schnitzel Sandwich – $14.90

A breaded pork schnitzel with Bomarti cheese, lettuce, German pickles and mayo-mustard sauce on organic whole grain toast.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich – $5.95

A crispy grilled cheese sandwich made with our flavourful Bomari cheese. Served with German pickle slices.

Optional Salami

Lacto Vegetarian

Pork Döner – $9.75

Crispy pork, marinated with garlic and herbs, stuffed in a focaccia pocket with tzatziki, coleslaw and bell peppers.

Pork Goulash – $16.95

Germanian pork goulash served with spaetzle or rice.

Spaetzle With Mushroom Sauce – $14.95

Homemade spaetzle with a vegetarian cream of mushroom sauce.

Ovo Lacto Vegetarian

Cream of Vegetable Soup, Cup – $3.95, Bowl – 4.99

Homemade cream of veggie soup with a slice of cheese focaccia bread. Changes weekly

Lacto Vegetarian

Hearty Soup, Cup – $4.95, Bowl – 5.99

Hearty homemade soup with a slice of cheese focaccia bread. Changes weekly


Frankfurter Kranz – $5.50

A specialty German layer cake decadently coated in buttercream and sprinkled with caramel almond croquant. Topped with a cherry.

Apple Streusel Cheesecake – $4.25

A German cheesecake stuffed with apples and topped with delicious almond crumbles.

Cassata Cake – $6.25

An Italian chocolate cheesecake with real amaretto.

Signature Cheesecake – $2.75

This cheesecake is light on the hips and delicious on the lips.

Add whipped cream and strawberry sauce – $1

Whipped Cheesecake – $3.75

A light fluffy whipped cream cheesecake with a hint of lemony zest.

Carrot Cake – $3.50

A classic carrot cake with crunchy walnuts and a smooth lemon glaze.

Morning Glory Muffin – $3.25

A great snack with crunchy walnuts and carrots.


Hot Chocolate – $4.50

With whipped cream!

Latte Macchiato – $4.50

Coffee with some serious style.

Cappuccino – $4.50

Frothed perfection.

Coffee – $2.50

Made from the finest Colombian beans.

Tea – $2.50

Pure finger-warming bliss.

Soda Pop – $1.25

355ml / 12oz can